Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gain and loss

Life is short. 
10 years is only a 'sejengkal' away.
At a blink of eyes, you may reach half your destination.

Life is short.
In 10 years time, many things had happen.
The lost and the gain.

For the past 10 years (2007-2017)
1. Miraculously I got into IIUM, studied Engineering (never dream of, i dream of culinary..kehkeh).
2. Got PTPTN, attempted for JPA sponsorship (lost it).. haha
3. Got help from my sister for supporting my studies fees etc for the 1st year.
4. Loss hope. Try Petronas scholarship.
5. Go to the interview with no hopes but tawakal to Allah... no savings, PTPTN pun xdapat banyak.
6. ALHAMDULILLAH.. eventho i got stomachache and 'berak dulu' before answering the test.. Allah gave me the opportunity to get the scholarship.
7. 2011, graduate with quite ok result. ALHAMDULILLAH... wlaupun bkn pangkat 1 bintang.
8. On 1 April 2012,  I (we) loss my sister.
9. I (we) got faiz instead.
10. May 2017, I got called for interview at KLCC.
11. Accompanied by my dad, go to KLCC with no preparation what so ever. Still shock with the changes happened in our life.
12. Sept 2012, I got offer to work at Terengganu. ALHAMDULILLAH.
13. Still blur, go to terengganu sehelai sepinggan with no intention at all to start working.
14. Got no home, no kereta to move around.
15. Got good friend, got Kelisa Abah bg pinjam... all is well. Got settled down pretty quick.
16. 2013.All smooth, all good.
17. 21 April 2014. I (we) loss Abah.
18. MAK and faiz moved to terengganu.
19. All saving gone. No motivation to live. Zombie all the way. Work, sleep and eat.
20. 2015. All year gone. Adapting to new environment.
21. MAY 2016, try find new meaning to live. Try looking for love. Failed miserably. Hahahah. Go buy kereta instead. ALHAMDULILLAH...Allah bg mudah.
22. 2016, but new property. trying to adapt to new commitment.
23. 2017. Trying looking for new love, again. No luck. Hahahahah. And the year still berbaki.

Basically I gain even more, eventho I feel like i loss alot.
1. Allah bagi kawan2 yang tak ramai tapi ok.
2. Masih ada gaji
3. Ada anak yatim yang bole aku kutip pahala yang aku tak nampak and perasan.
4. Ada emak tempat aku nak jaga. Padahal die jaga aku lebih..hahahah.
5. Ada property walaupun hutang. Hahahaha
6. Personal loveline? Not yet lucky... but no problem. Life is short. Kalau xsempat dapat kat dunia... let it be. Janji aku da usaha. Hahahha
7. Next year 30yo da. Kena set goal baru.
8. Terima kasih Allah. ALHAMDULILLAH.

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