Friday, June 21, 2013

deria rasa keenam! (the 6th sense)

First time ever in my life, i finally watched the movie! waoh, too much la you ni..hahahah

The sixth sense, a gift for selected peoples only.
Sometimes, it was a gift and in some other time, it earned with some effort.

" I see dead people"
A phrase that scares me a lot when I was a kid.
The movie was out during that time, when I was still pure and innocent.

Cole, a sweet little boy who sees dead people.
It scares him deadly, and it affects his life significantly.
Still, he managed to deal with it, with the help of a man name Malcolm.

Malcolm, a psychiatrist whose job is to help solve other's problems.
One not so fine day, one of his client went to his house to seek for an answer.
The unstably, disturbingly and irritating man starts questioning Malcolm.
Malcolm didn't succeed to help the man to manage his problem.

Malcolm was shot!
The man shot himself in the head afterwards.

Cole: "I see dead people. Sometimes they didn't know that they were dead. They see what they want to see."

Cole was scared to dead when he sees dead people walking by like normal people did. 
He shivered and hid himself.
One fine day, Malcolm was suggesting him to start listen to the them instead of running away.
He did, and he did it well.
Cole who scared of dead people ironically helped by dead people.




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