Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warrior Gene: Jin Bertendang!

Ok. apa kaitan plak James Franco dalam ini cerita? TADEK! hahaha...~

Warrior Gene : The tendency to act and live violently. Is that a fact or only an excuse for escapism? Today, I started off my day with NatGeo instead of KBSW. Impressive! haha. OK. Here is the deal. Long before, there are reports such as this that suggests the violent and aggressive behaviour of a human being is highly influenced by a gene of the human body. Therefore, it is believed that gangsters, MAA fighters and high-schooler bad boy who are having the variation of the MAOA genes (the scientific name of the gene) is the cause that urges them to behave such a way. But, it turns out the other way around. The statement is totally deniable! After some test have been made on the candidates : MAA fighters, gangsters, bad-boy high schooler turned to successful CEO even to monks, giving out a rather surprising result! Guess what? Those people that live in a violent and aggresive environment turn out to not having the warrior gene, but then the monks have it! Surprise.surprise. Surprisingly enough, the gene is what we have been created with but have nothing to do with the decision that we have made in our life. Indeed, using the gene as the cause of our action is truly a lame excuse and a way of escapism. Nature and nurture is what make who we are. So, stop complaining and blaming others including your gene..OK?

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