Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 is blooming with love!

"haha", it is indeed a simple expression of a happiness.
This year, the year of a dragon will hopefully bring more happiness to the family.

is the year I finished my engineering studies. [finally, alhamdullilah]
is the year where our family is expanding. [Insha Allah]
is the year where I should have my own career. [Insha Allah, Amin]
is the year where celebration is everywhere. My friends are getting married and also some of them are welcoming their first child. [Congratulation]

In conclusion:
It is a year of love and Insha Allah the love will bloom and will be cherished all along.
"Spread the love, and be blessed to be loved"

[The expanding and changing life of the family will be updated later ....]


  1. Your famiky expand? sape kawen?awk ke kakak awk??heeee

  2. haha..mestilah bkn kte yg kawen,pinangan putera raja negara xberdaulat xsmpai lg nih. pfft!=)