Monday, November 28, 2011

[MORE: Law Abiding Citizen]

Usai solat subuh, mari menulis review filem[MORE:movie review] yang ditonton lewat pagi tadi.

"It's imperfect system."
"..and we (the lawyers,judges and all related person) are its imperfect servants"
"Some justice is better than no justice at all"

There won't be any justice as far as the law is made by the human being. It is indeed an imperfect system. It can be manipulated and it's all about evidence and not what is right and what is wrong. It's what can be proved in court.
takut, kan?

Clyde's family (wife and a daughter) was murdered by Darbys. Darbys and Ames were initially got into Clyde's house to rob, but then Darby got 'excited'. Clyde survived that night and want justice. The justice system was not on his side as Darbys was released from a death sentence and only Ames got it after Nick, Clyde's attorney made a deal. Now, it's time Clyde to seek for a great revenge.

Clyde was an engineer. He was very tactical and thorough kind of man. He made a neat and sophisticated plan to revenge. He killed every single person that involved in the case directly and indirectly:
1. He killed Ames and Darby.
2. Darby's attorney.
3. His cellmate.
4. Judge Birch. The judge that kind of corrupted and hanya 'mengenyangkan perut' sendiri.
5. pretty much everyone else, specifically people of the law.

He got angry towards the system as justice is not the matter of subject here, in the world. Or.. at least in his world.

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