Monday, October 10, 2011

Treasure your Treasures.

3 days and 2 nights at Teluk Nipah, Pangkor Island...
left me with a lot of memories to be enjoyed and cherished.
Even when we spent the weekend on a low budget vacation package (self-package), still it is satisfactory and pleasantly worth it.

The pleasant and joyful vacation was somewhat been tarnished by litter along the beach,
at the jetty,
as well as floating in the sea.

oh, people. please. DO NOT LITTER.
For the beach community (people of Teluk Nipah) and authority:

"Where is your garbage bin? No where to be found on the beach, lorh!"

Treasure your nature. It is, indeed, your treasures after all.

(plastic bag on the stairs)

-selepas air pasang-
( all kind of waste on the beach).


  1. aahh..haiyooo sy terlupa mau complain psal ini sampah lor..haha tong sampah mahal hagaknyer haha..but i think it due to d pasang surut i tu..but klu dr awl xbuang ke laut xjugak eh..hahh sy plak y kusut!hahaha YB nipah ni! =D

  2. haha.. pasni kmu ley la berkempen jd YB Teluk Nipah. Hidup YB!!