Friday, October 7, 2011

Lambaian Pantai...~

I had a great time, last weekend.
Lepaking, gossiping, photographing with fellow friends at PANGKOR ISLAND!!!Linkwith... suzai, wani, salmi and not to forget the one and only Angry Bird (cik Pika).haha,no offense yep miss syafiqah~

I'm in love with this picture. It is brightly and charmingly calming my heart as I make it into my desktop's background. cheewah..~

photo credited to suzai, the camera'woman'.

The five of us, memories of Pangkor would always be remembered and cherished!
Credit to the handsome-married-man-who-captured-the-moment with the camera of wani's brother.

Adios to PANGKOR, hello to KRABI ISLAND!!hahahahah~
Mr. Husband-to-be, please be noted yep. [wink.wink~] =p


  1. kekekeke...who's that boy lalalalalalla...

  2. HAHAHHHAHA..plg best HELLO krabi island..haiyooo xmau pg ngan gua da...suda r ngajok r!!! =P peni korg da mode pangkor da blog..gua maseh bruno mars..HAHHAHAHAH =D

  3. wani:: that boy is a man.. okkeh, hahaha~
    jai:: nk g krabi, ongkos kne lebat. tu yg kne gne bantuan husband-to-be loh.. x mmpu. huk!