Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Si Kaya yang Kesakitan.

Dr. hank is H.O.T!
"hot" not in terms of the look and built,okkeh.
haha, he is nice and please to the eye though.

Dr. Hank in Royal Pains.
He stands firm in his thought and principle.
He is smart and unorthodox.
He knows his field well, he knows his patient better.
He is a doctor
in Hamptons. Well, I guest it is an elite place only for the wealthy people to live in, in which wealthy means billionaire or something.

He was an emergency room doctor,and fired for saving 'some kid off the street' over a billionaire trustee.
..that's hot too..

Now, I am moving on with the series. Oh, I wish I had the 1st season of Royal Pains!

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