Saturday, March 12, 2011

sustainability future...~

moving forward...people!
we act today, for the better tomorrow.

it's a positive kind of act that everybody wants to be part of.
preserving the earth, it's a responsibility.

reducing the use of plastic, even it's hard [da jadi kebiasaan la katakan...],
but still it's possible.

our university, IIUM aka UIA has already taken an action.
by providing a biodegradable food pack,
providing food container, which is suppose to be reused not being dumped meh...~

all supermarket, hypermarket and any other market [except for 'pasar basah'.. i think]
has also take a small action towards a better future.
which is on every SATURDAY~

so, guys...
please,, bring along your shopping bag on saturday lorh
which then,
you won't have to push along your trolley where ever you go in the mall, even to the food court!
there are other peoples that are going tu use that trolley meh...~

be considerate, be sensible... be happy!

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