Saturday, November 14, 2009



a movie full of surprises and anticipation.
life without a new memory is truly frustrating.
how, a man will live his life alone without a memory...??
"through habit and repetition", he said.

life is not all about instinct, habitual and repetition.
it's all about sense and responsibilities.
all action done in a day will affect the day after, will affect the people around as well as himself.
how a man who will never remember anything he said and done before will be responsibled for all his actions and words?aiya...~

that's the case of someone that will be forgiven.. i guess... for all his past actions and words. but, how about in a case of a man who are suppose to be a responsible man, say words and take actions that will certainly hurt others that are capable of remember every single word and deed he had done. that... i'm not sure whether he will be able to have the forgiveness from the person he hurt.

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