Monday, November 23, 2009

my ideal man

not necessary be a handsome man.
too handsome man is too 'dangerous'.
a face that catches my eyes at the first sight,
not too skinny, not too plump,
someone that will sometime be able to 'piggyback' me. hah!

have a stable job/career/income.
can afford the needs of me and my kids.
as well as his parents.

caring and loving... of course!
bad tempered?? Absolutely no no!
because my current life is already surrounded by this kind of peoples.

flexible and sensible.
know how to react...
in exact and right time and moment.

'beriman dan bertaqwa'... must be!
as i wish to have a better family for the ummah.

am i being able to find those criteria in my future husband?
is there someone right now, that has all of the above?
no! haha..

i wish and pray to Allah that,
i will meet him in the future.... AMIN~

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