Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ini Baru Besi!!


haha, tatau apa translation yang sebenarnya bagi perkataan inggeris di atas. Ops, saya punya matapelajaran BI masa sekolah menengah dulu tidaklah mampu untuk dibanggakan.sekian.

Hah, amik kau! Hugh Jackman sebagai taruhan. Hebat tak hebat? Xmen tuh...~Tapi, boleh dikatakan yang sebenarnya, Dakota Goyo, si budak kecik tu la heronya.haha, comel!

This Sci-fi movie is about Charlie Kenton, an ex-boxer who gave up his career when robots start to take over the ring.Robot boxing is considered as a sport in the year of 2020++.
No more mercy, just victory. Fight till the last. Fight till the end!

Charlie Kenton, moves from one underground robot boxing to the other.. just for a living. 50K seems like 50ringgit. He bought Noisy Boy, hoping for a victory.

Where did he get the money?
He 'negotiated' with his son's uncle for releasing his right of custody of the boy. oh! that boy is Max, a son of Charlie and his girlfriend who died recently. Charlie has no attention to take care of his son. In fact, his robot boxing is more important than anything else in the world.

After meeting his son, apparently they have something in common. ROBOT! Things start to work for Charlie when his son found Atom in a scrapyard of robots. Atom, was a sparring robot for robot boxing which was built in 2014...haha, that's roughly 2 year from now!... is considered not qualified for a robot boxing. Charlie has no faith in Atom, but Max does.

With a solid faith, a simple coding done by Max, Atom won its first match. With no fancy exterior, a dull color casing.. Atom fight, and still, it's winning. Max then installed a boxing training module in Atom, taught by Charlie himself for preparing Atom to the real deal.

Just then, Atom rises as a star in robot boxing arena!

Atom faces the last contender, The Zeus. [Zeus. hebat no le kononnye tuh]. After a long fight, the match ended with a victory for The Zeus. Somehow, Atom is the people's winner.

[clockwise from the 1st line]

1. Noisy Boy
2. Twin Cities
3. The Zeus
4. Midas

"Fight for what you believe in, fight for your loved one... FIGHTING!"

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