Sunday, August 14, 2011

22-20, 14-21, 21-23

Lin Dan still the champion of BWF world championship!

Tonight, would be the night of celebration for the whole nation.
The night when Chong Wei broke the 'curse' of losing the game to Lin Dan.

They both played very well tonight.
Lin Dan, as always shows a great performance.
Chong Wei was better tonight compared to the Olimpic Game when he faced the exact same opponent.
Chong Wei really did his best tonight, and he didn't disappoint me as the so-called true fan of Badminton. haha, the match last longer than football match,duh!

Will Chong Wei ever win over Lin Dan after this, or will he retire from the game without being able to defeat him? oh, we have to wait and I'm waiting for that moment.

-oh! solat terawihku lambat lagi malam ini. ish3-

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