Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Review] Oz the Great and Powerful

Oscar, 'famously' known as Oz is a travelling magician from Kansas.
A womaniser and a sweet talker.
A man who do not commit in a relationship.
A very ambitious man but yet luck was never on his side.
Yet, he still believes that he can be as good as a great man who ever lived like Thomas Edison.

His strong belief or should I put it as Ego, has brought him to a land of nowhere.
The land that was named after him.
The land where all happiness is destroyed by wicked witches.
And it can only be restored by none other than Oz himself.

Everybody believes that Oz is the awaited wizard, falling from the sky, the saviour of the land.
But indeed, he was a con man of all time.
A man who plays tricks for a money.
A man who has no wand and chants to blow away those witches.

But indeed,
Knowledge is the best weapon of all time.
His knowledge in basic science and chemistry,
kick away those witches, who were dumbfounded.

You get things which is far from what you expected.
But, actually it is exactly what you needed the most at the time.
It may seems unfair and irrelevant,
It may be out of place and time,
It may be awkward and seems not right at all,
But Allah knows what is it the best for us.
And always believe that we can be as good as other great man as long as we were not enemy of our own!"

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Satu perasaan yang entah dari mana datangnya.
Terkadang kita sedar apa yang kita takutkan.
Terkadang kita sendiri tidak pasti apa yang kita takutkan.

Satu perasaan yang tidak selesa.
Yang menjadikan kita tidak selesa.
Yang menyebabkan kita bukan lagi diri kita.
Yang menjadikan kita lupa siapa kita.

Terkadang perlu kita sahut.
Perlu kita tawan.
Dan perlu kita endahkan.

Bukan lari,dan melupakan.
Kerana takut itu tidak akan hilang selamanya.