Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Manusia hidup ber-rutin
Samada sedar
Atau di bawah sedar

Satu benda alami
Kerna kita spesis beradaptasi

Tanpa kita sedar
Kita terikat pada paten
Paten atau rutin yang mudah

Lebih mudah 
Lebih menyenangkan
Lebih kita terikat padanya

Bahana hidup ber-rutin
Kita bergerak dalam mod auto
Tidak perlu berfikir
Untuk bertindak

Datang 'anasir' luar
Yang menggangu rutin kita
Kita akan mudah terpesong
Dan terlupa
Step dan langkah kerja "non-routine" kita

Terlupa ambil anak dari sekolah
Kalau rutinnya bapa yg hantar
Tetiba hari tu emak kena ambil
Tapi mak duk syok meeting tak ingat sepatah haram...hmmm

Friday, March 9, 2018

Choices of life

Q: "If you were given a superpower, would you rather be an invisible man or a mind reader?"

A simple question requires a simple answer. Its either this or that.
The answer would be either two.

Now, comes the complication.
The reason behind the answer would be vast and diverse.
The selection of the answer would determine in what state a man stands subconsiously. 
At least, that's what i believe.

That's what makes a man an interesting creature ever made.

Wait...! No, i'm wrong. 
Man (human) are more complex than that.
There would be a man who like to choose both.
There would a man who choose neither one.

There is no right and wrong in selection.
We should not judge any selection made by others, never in our life. 
Because we all not a same creature made with a single mould.

We mould ourselves.
By experiences.
Reading materials.

We may offer our advise.
We may lend a hand
But we never will change a heart or mind.
If they not allows us to do so.

So, friend.
Heads up and be free to live.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Manusia susah faham

Grieving souls.
The most devastating state of a man.
Man here human.

You might want to avoid a grieving soul.
You have to take risk
Be compose
Calm and sabr
When dealing with him/her.

A grieving soul shouldn't be neglected.
Grieving and depressed soul are a fatal combination.
But confronting them could be the most torturing moment
For either one or maybe both.

They are savage
They always think others could never truly understand what have they gone through.
They are right in a sense
No human being will never be in the same exact 'musibah'.

Yo! grieving soul
If you think time will heal
Keep on dreaming
It won't
Believe me, i've been there.

But time will do its job
To keep on ticking away
And leaving you behind
Unless you decide to walk in time

Time won't heal
The pain will still exist
The same, or more intense
Or less
You just have to do what a man do best

Grieve. Adapt. Evolve. Live on.

Friday, January 19, 2018


Tak pernah salah alamat.

I always wonder.
How could strangers be together?
How could they bear and supress their own feelings for the other?
How could they face the disagreement and let it go?

Dari cerita dan kata orang
Kahwin itu bukanlah the goal
Ia adalah permula cerita
Untuk cerita hidup yang lebih lama 
dan lebih panjang
Ia adalah mukaddimah
Untuk seribu rasa
Seribu tanggungjawab
Seribu kasih sayang

Permula cerita dengan rasa cinta
Tapi tanpa hormat 
Tanpa tolak ansur
Terkandas jua

Permula cerita dengan tiada kenal 
Tiada rasa cinta
Tapi dengan hormat
Dan dengan adab
Mereka mungkin berjaya

Permula cerita tanpa kenal
Tanpa rasa cinta
Tapi terusan degil
Penuh ke'aku'an
Mungkin cerita mereka setakat perenggan ke-3.

The struggle is real.
Dealing with emotion ride
Dealing with perception
Dealing with expectation

Kata orang, jodoh tu tak pernah salah alamat.