Thursday, November 28, 2013

[review: The Hunger Game Trilogy]

When I first watched ‘Hunger Game’ years ago, I thought the movie was about a game for a bunch of hungry people. Watching it through, the movie was surreal and so out of the world.

It really struck my heart out, when the helpless and powerless souls were oppressed under a powerful governing body. Yucks! What a world… They had no choice but to do what they thought they ought to do.
Promising a better-off life and unlimited access to all wealth of the world while insisting that they do what the governing body asked them to do is so lame. Meanwhile, instilling fear in the heart of the citizen, so that they would not dare to rebel even in their dream is low! Go find your power somewhere else la bro.. no offence but please, admit it. Respect and power need to be earned. That would definitely not easy to be acquired, and require a lot of effortless efforts.

‘Hunger Game 2’ really steps to the next level.
Now, you had your hope.
There is hope for changes, but those changes demanding a lot from you.
Would you exchange your better future with the peace that you assumed you lived in now?
Would you dare to jeopardize the peace  and step into uncertain world of nowhere?
Future really plays its magic in every little step you take into it.
It is uncertain, yet very promising.
You are the one that moulding your own future.
Plan your future and take a step at a time and keep the faith that Allah’s plan is the best among all.

Can't wait for the next game!

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  1. weihhhh WAHHH blog UPDATED!!! haha ingt nk tanam dh hoi hahaha lorh xrasa nk tgk sbb bkn my kinda genre tp klu cter cam kingdom2 tu i suke! mcm tu ke???? sbb i ingt cter die sal lawan2 so xminat...errr..btw cik parhin hoi bju n tdung ko tgl dlm kete rtu i dh siap basoh ok.. *tetibe*